Rita Garza Is A Visionary Strategist


With a remarkable track record for transformative impact on corporations, campaigns, businesses and nonprofits alike.

Rita’s 25 years of executive experience showcase multiple examples of proven ability.

Her work with US Open attracted the star power of Alec Baldwin and Aretha Franklin. Her national travel pitching Austin, Texas to Latinx organizations cemented its current-day professional meeting destination status. And her push on NYC-based Urban Resource Institute helped them reposition their brand and shatter a 30-year revenue and visibility plateau.

Simply put, Rita adds value to any organization on time and on budget. Whether to augment your existing team or to fully outsource corporate social responsibility, marketing communications or change management needs, you’re bleeding money every day your enterprise doesn’t have her insights.

Rita leverages her unique skill set to establish vision, operationalize for measurable change, recruit and develop powerhouse teams, and implement standard operating procedures that stand the test of time for years and, often, decades. This requires discipline, steadiness, and momentum — all elements of rhythm.

This is Rhythm Strategy.





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