There comes a point


At which improving a single department of your organization isn’t enough.You devote tremendous time and attention to developing your team - only to see total turnover in 24 months or less, leaving you back at square one.

Or you bring in consultant after consultant, re-explain your circumstances, and hope for improvement—only to repeatedly end up over time and well past budget, with little progress to show for it.

Sound familiar?

I get it—It’s lonely at the top of the mountain.

Perhaps you’re with a startup or a nonprofit and you’ve worn every hat in the company (often at the same time) to get things done.

Or maybe your organization is large — a corporation, really — but your innovative pursuits in social responsibility or going green don’t fit into the red tape that keeps the machine running.

(By the way, you may already have an executive over Corporate Social Responsibility or marketing communications able to manage and develop a team and work strategically. Bringing in someone who can partner with you in marketing and communications without stepping on your leadership team’s toes is a win-win scenario.)

So what keeps you getting out of bed in the morning? It’s your passion for this work — or, at least, it used to be. Your spark has been sputtering, and when it taps out, the dream could disappear. You don’t want that — and neither do I.

To keep your fire burning bright, you’ll need to do something transformative in your organization. And not just another “optimize this task” or “reduce that budget” directive.

To fulfill your wildest dreams and beyond, you’ll have to shift the paradigm.

It’s risky and it’s uncomfortable. Breaking barriers involves, after all, breaking and a whole lotta mess.

That’s why you need someone in your corner who has done this type of paradigm shift many times before.


Hi, I’m Rita

Rita headshot 2019BW.jpg

I’m the one who gets brought in when it’s time to bust through silos, integrate departments, recruit and develop powerhouse teams, and operationalize your vision into a bulletproof handbook.

Rather than try to do everything for everyone, I identify what efforts will truly position your organization for breakthrough — and execute in that direction with full force.

Need a visibility campaign? I recruited Alec Baldwin to speak at tennis events about sustainability.

Need to step into uncharted territory? I flew around the country pitching Latinx tourism for years; talk about new ideas.

Need reinvention, but feel stuck in your ways? Urban Resource Institute had 32 years under their belt when I came in and rebranded, launching a nationally-recognized, innovative program, while increasing revenue simultaneously.

If simultaneously changing for the better by differentiating your brand and increasing market share interests you, let’s have a conversation.

Get in touch today.